The Top 25 Free Argumentative Essay Topics For High School

An argumentative essay is a project, in which you are supposed to express your point of view and find reliable arguments to support it.

How to Choose a Topic

Choose a debatable essay topic that is interesting to you and can be supported with enough reference information, like the ones below:

  1. Have technologies made people more distracted from each other?
  2. Do you think that smartphones are used more often to play silly games than to make calls?
  3. Has the art of photography lost its spirit with the invention of flawless digital photography and graphic editors?
  4. Can text messaging completely replace the normal human communication?
  5. What is the trick that attracts people to social media?
  6. Can social networks ruin people’s skills of communication?
  7. Can a person be really alone, having hundreds of friends in social networks?
  8. Should parents control the online communication of their underage children?
  9. Do people need more information on the online security and online crimes?
  10. Can technologies be a useful part of the process of studying?
  11. Should smartphone applications that solve math problems be banned as the ones that destroy students’ motivation for studying?
  12. Can online learning ever replace the traditional offline teaching and studying?
  13. Is it possible that one day computers will evaluate and grade students’ projects and essays?
  14. Which influence is more powerful in teenagers and adults: the influence of television or the influence of the Internet?
  15. Why are people attracted to TV shows that show the life of celebrities, their problems, scandals, intimate details, etc.?
  16. Can a TV show like “16 and Pregnant” really discourage teenage girls from underage pregnancy?
  17. What’s the power of the standards that are poured onto us from TV screens?
  18. What’s your forecast of the future of television and live theatres?
  19. Is it possible that one day, social media means will lose their power over the society?
  20. Would you like trying to spend a day in a developed society that, however, has no television or Internet communication?
  21. Can you imagine the life without the Internet connection?
  22. Have computers and other gadgets that can get access to the Internet made us addicted to the global net?
  23. What’s the age when children can be allowed to surf the Web and have an account in a social network?
  24. Is the Internet a tool that can turn the world upside down?
  25. How do you see the world without the today’s developed technologies?

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