Top-Class Ideas For An Argumentative Essay About Surveillance Cameras

Persuasive (or argumentative) essay is one of the most difficult types of academic papers. Despite its rather average size, it requires a deep study of a chosen subject, a very thorough analysis of collected data and evidence strong enough to prove the suggested point of view.

Studying the use of surveillance cameras in different fields of modern social life provides a wide range of topics that are very suitable for this type of assignment because the subject is controversial enough to fuel a vivid discussion.

Inspiring Essay Topics to Consider

  1. Benefits of surveillance cameras in workplaces.
  2. How does the presence of surveillance cameras affect a range of crimes?
  3. How does CCTV stuff in offices affect the working process?
  4. Does CCTV technology violate privacy rights?
  5. Should surveillance cameras be installed in universities and schools?
  6. What impact do surveillance cameras have on the people’s moral level?
  7. Can surveillance cameras cope with the task of preventing crimes?
  8. Do the benefits of CCTV technology outweigh its drawbacks?
  9. Are surveillance cameras in public places a good idea?
  10. Can the use of surveillance cameras in the offices have a bad impact on the workers’ efficiency?

Essential Tips to Succeed

  • Use only the credible information.
  • If your data are not proven properly, avoid using them at all. Only proven evidence that has an expert background can empower your conclusions. Make sure that surveys you are basing your work on are highly scientific and their data are not out-of-date.

  • Don’t employ too emotional language.
  • As this type of essay is highly scientific, the plain, clear and dry language is appropriate. Save all excessively bright expression for more a more artistically creative assignment. In the argumentative paper, the unnecessary rhetoric seems to be present to compensate the lack of evidence.

  • Study the subject in advance.
  • As long as you need to prove your thesis strongly, it’s better to make a brief but thorough survey on your chosen subject. Make sure to leave enough time for that and do it without any haste.

  • Make an outline.
  • Outlining the key points and stages of your work will help you structure your thoughts, concentrate your attention on the most important things and avoid all excessive steps.

  • Cite the sources properly.
  • As you will need to present evidence, you will employ a number of citations in your text. Make sure that you use the right citation style for them. If you are not sure which style to choose, consult with your professor regarding this.

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