20 Examples Of Great Argumentative Essay Topics For College Students

When you are in college you will need to learn how to write a good essay with as little strain as possible. One of the first things that you must learn is how to come up with a good title. It is possible for you to use this resource to come up with brilliant ideas. Here are some interesting titles that you can present for your argumentative essay:

  1. DNA experiments on human beings and the embryos are supposed to be banned, because of the unethical nature. Discuss.
  2. Explain the challenges that those who wear fur pose to the gains on animal rights
  3. Discuss torture, as an acceptable measure of preventing terrorism
  4. Explain the case of abortion in the event of incest or rape
  5. Discuss the ethical concept behind capital punishment
  6. Explain the ethical imbalance in the prospect of assisted suicide
  7. Discuss the challenges that human cloning would have on the human race
  8. Discuss whistleblowers, and highlight whether they do what they do for personal gain, for the good of the common society, or for revenge
  9. Discuss the challenge of standardized tests in college to students once they graduate
  10. Discuss whether gender affects the ability of individuals in learning
  11. Explain what institutions should do to combat the challenge of drinking and smoking in campus
  12. Explain how student loan debts set students back in life
  13. Discuss the introduction of educational computer games in school
  14. Discuss whether the government should introduce free education in college, and how this would affect the quality of education
  15. Explain the importance of bilingual education to students in the world at the moment
  16. Explain the challenges that students who attend single sex schools face when they get into contact with other students from mixed sex schools in higher institutions of learning
  17. Explain how the government has infringed on the rights of innocent civilians to religion and freedom of worship
  18. Explain the differences and similarities between evolutionary theory and creation theory
  19. Discuss whether using the phone on Bluetooth while driving should be considered an offence as is the same case with using a handset
  20. Following recent developments, discuss whether the legal age for voting is supposed to be lowered or if it should be set higher than it is.

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