Boy In The Striped Pyjamas

Boy in the striped pyjamas is a movie by John Boyne. It is a children’s dramatic tale story book that was published in the year 2006 in Ireland. The story has later on been acted into a movie by the same name that was released in the year 2008. The story talks about how friendship grew between two young boys of different classes. It starts with Bruno’s father getting a promotion. They now have to leave their home in Berlin City and go and settle in the countryside. Bruno has to leave together with Gretel his sister who is twelve years old and their mother. They leave the environment of Berlin town which they knew so well and enjoyed being in. Worst is that they had to leave behind their grandparents. In their new home, they are restricted from exploration. Their home compound is surrounded by an electric fence and guarded by soldiers. Being a young boy, Bruno finds this place really annoying. He is restricted to his bedroom where he looks through the window and sees a different kind of life for the people on the other side of the fence.

Curiosity makes him a friend

Bruno gets tired of being in the house all d the time and sneaks out to look around the fence. He meets a boy of about his age on the other side of the fence. They both are curious about lives at the other side of the fence and so they are good to each other. The other boy is named Shmuel. They get to know each other. Bruno wanted to find a lot about Shmuel. His father had once told him that those people on the other side of the fence were not real people. When Shmuel’s dad is reported missing, Bruno sneaks out of the fence to help him in the search. It is at this time that he learns of the actual way of life in the camp. He finds many people who are aged and sick. Some have no food. During the search, the boys and other inmates are captured and killed in an inhumane way.


The author succeeds in showing the inhumane treatment of the prisoners. They are subjected to harsh conditions. He also succeeds in showing how children are natural and real to their friendship. Bruno disobeys his father to be with his friend who is of a different class from them.

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