List Of Compare And Contrast Essay Topics About Life

Many students think that a compare and contrast essay is extremely easy. However, this is far from true and this is why they don’t get the maximum mark. In this kind of composition you have to know how to emphasize the similarities and the differences in the same time, and to choose two suitable elements to discuss about. Of course, you also need to arrange the composition in a professional form, so it will not look chaotic. If you have troubles in finding the topic, take a look at these ideas:

  • Childhood and Old Age. This is one of the easiest topics for this kind of compositions. The differences are extremely obvious, but it will take a bit more to figure the similarities. However, once you do it you have the chance to great a great piece.
  • Parents and Children. At the first sight, you might think that they don’t have any similar points, but you need to keep looking. It is one of the most interesting subjects and it can really help your classmates bond with their parents.
  • Kinder Garden and High school. Education will always be a big part of your life, so you might as well discuss about this in your essay. These two important steps are extremely different, but they do have some common points that are worth mentioning. Discuss them and arrange the composition accordingly.
  • Honesty and sincerity. You have the freedom to choose the subject, so you can discuss about anything, no matter how abstract or innovative your ideas are. Some seem to think that these two elements are identical, but they are not. What are the differences? You can use some analogies to make your classmates understand them better.
  • You and your brother. This will be extremely fun to do and it will allow your classmates to know you better. You two are, of course, the same in many aspects since you are related, but you are also two different individuals. What common points you have?
  • Being social and being introvert. I am sure that all your classmates will find themselves in one category. It’s important to do this paper because you can help introvert students feel more accepted and natural. As different and shy as they might seem to others, they actually have many things in common with you.

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