Conflict And Violence With Children

The society is like a cycle. This cycle consists of children and adults. As long as there’s life this cycle will be found. The fact is that if we’re looking forward to have an endless peaceful relation among people we will have to build our children’s personalities and grow their capacity to live peacefully with the others. Unfortunately there’re many factors that affects conversely and grows their violence and hatred this way we build up normal people instead of normal ones. These factors may be families, schools, wars… Etc.

Children are treated in a wrong way in some families. Where we would see many violence types and colors. But we have to take a look from the depth. These families may use violent methods with their children for the sake of teaching them something. But they don’t have enough awareness of how to treat a child. That’s why governments and peace lovers should try to teach families how to treat their children in a right way. A way that they don’t hurt a child psychologically or physically and in the same time teach their child how to be a great man or a bigwig lady.

Kids all over the world are violated in many ways like using verbal and nonverbal expressions of hostility against children. And some people hurt them physically by hitting them hardly or forcing them to do hard work. And in some occasions they apply a hot metal or fire to their skins which causes scars. For example a survey in 2015 was made in Egypt to calculate the number or the percentage of how many kids are being violated by their families and the result was in the year preceding the study almost two thirds of the children in the areas covered were victims of physical violence. And 78% were victims of emotional violence. While in some poor countries parents make their children work hard jobs to earn money and as far as I am concerned that is violence. Not forgetting those parents who don’t give the chance for their children to express their feelings and opinions or even to live their childhood normally that might cause some unwanted psychological disorders. Also wars prevent children from their legal rights such as their right of learning as in Syria’s crisis some schools have been able to divide the school day into two shifts and make room for more Syrian students. But there is simply not enough space for all the children. And many families cannot afford the transportation to get their kids to school in order to try to cover the learning problem in the country. And in many African cities and urban areas children are at risk of being abandoned and becoming street children. It is estimated that tens of millions of children worldwide are street children and many of these children can be found in African towns and cities. As In Addis Ababa in Ethiopia there’re up to 100,000 street children can be found living on the streets. And in some countries there’re many children suffer from harmful diseases but there are no provided hospitals and because of that they live in pain. Also there’s an important fact to mention around 5000 child die every day because of dirty water as there’re many sub-Saharan Africans get less than 20 liters of clean water a day.

Because children are humans. And every human has rights to live peacefully. Therefore we have to make sure that there’s no violated child, no humiliated child, and no homeless child, not only because it is a humanitarian, but also for the sake of the future of our society, and world peace.

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