Crop Production And Management

All crops belong to the same species, all of them grown and cultivated in the same place. Crops consist of various types of cereals, fruits and vegetables and can be classified according to the season. The climatic conditions of south Asian countries are humid and have frequent rainfall, even if it varies from one region to another.

There are a large variety of crops that are grown in different parts of South Asia, and despite how diverse they are, they can be divided into two cropping patterns. Because they have certain seasons in which they are grown, crop production and management are both easy.

Monsoon Crops

Crops that grow best during the annual rainy period are called monsoon crops. This rainy period in South Asia usually lies between June and September, and in this time, crops like Paddy, soya bean, maize, groundnut and cotton are planted.

Winter Crops

Crops that grow in winter are usually called the winter crops. Generally, they are grown between October and March and the most common are wheat, linseed, gram, pea and mustard. Other than this, South Asia is also known for growing lentils in this season.

Practices of Crop Production

There are several things that farmers can do to make sure that the cultivation of their crops is well done in the long term. These are known as patterns of agriculture. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Preparing the Soil
  • Planting the Seed
  • Adding Fertilizer
  • Protection Against Weeds
  • Harvest
  • Storage

After the crops have been cultivated, farmers can then start to manage their crops.

Crop Management

Normally, people think that the hardest part of farming is getting crops to grow. While this is a tedious task, it is not the hardest. Once the product is harvested and cultivated, it has to be managed properly, otherwise it will all be for nothing. Farmers can achieve the best in crop management by adapting to their crops to everything like climate change, pests, environmental elements, disease threats, consumer demand and other things. Once they have the right amount of control and management, their crops will flourish both in and out of the farm.

Farmers start caring for their crops long before they have sown the seeds. This means that everything from the maintenance of the soil and its fertility, to the way the crops are stored, all end up affecting the production and end result of their products.

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