The Best Place To Go For Dark Tourism

People usually travel to relax and spend their vacations away from home so they are able to leave their worries and troubles behind for a while. However, a more interesting type of tourism involves going to destinations that are historically related to death and torment. Here are the top places to visit for dark tourism.


Catacombs are burial places that were simultaneously used for religious rituals. There are a number of catacombs around the world that people visit. Some of the more mainstream ones include those in France, Italy, Egypt, Finland and Ukraine. The older catacombs have inscriptions and other decorative elements that make catacombs one of the most interesting dark tourism destinations.

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

This park was built in the memory of the destruction of the first city in the world through nuclear warfare. The memorial also remembers the lives destroyed and affected as a consequence of the bomb.

Auschwitz Concentration Camp

These comprise of a group of camps whose gas chambers were fueled by Jews that were found in or around areas occupied by Germany in the Europe. However, the camps were not limited to imprison Jews. The walls filled others such as the Soviet POWs, homosexuals and Jehovah’s witnesses. Prisoners who were not sent to the gas chambers usually starved to death or died of other reasons such as contagious diseases, medical experiments and imposed labor.


This is a suicide forest located in Japan which is believed to have demons and other paranormal activity happening. The forest is so dense that it restricts air flow to an extent that there is pin drop silence. Even today, it is considered a popular spot for people to go commit suicide at.

Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre

Touted as one of the worst historical records of genocide, this memorial commemorates the lives of Tutsi and Hutu who were killed in large numbers. The overall killed population is said to be around 20% of the total Rwandan population. The genocide also involved a disturbingly high number of gruesome sexual assault on women.


This town in Italy was buried alive in the ash emitted as a result of Mount Vesuvius erupting in 79 AD. It was a highly developed town that was destroyed and preserved perfectly until discovered in 1599. The bodies of the dead can still be seen in the exact same positions that they died in.

The above is a must-go list that all dark tourism lovers must explore.

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