A Future With Driver-Less Cars

The ability to move a vehicle that is stored within an engine is measured in horsepower in reference to bygone times when horses lent humans their strength to enable transportation. Prior to the domestication of animals, people could only travel as far as their own strength could take them. This affected the way they designed their towns and cities as well as where they located them. With the introduction of petroleum powered personal vehicles, a world of opportunities opened up. This paper will look at some things that may come about with the new innovation of driver-less cars.

More efficient Road Usage

At present, roads are designed to give the average driver the ability to navigate easily between traffic as necessary. The average driver is, however, much less precise than a machine. Once all the cars have sensors that allow them to avoid each other, cars can pass much closer together thereby shrinking roads and freeing up more space for residential and commercial property.

Easier access to transport

In every country in the world their are limits on who can or cannot be allowed to drive. Children below a certain age, people with certain vision impairments and physical handicaps may be on that list. Once a car stops needing a driver, this makes personal transport more easily available to those groups. It also becomes safer as people with drinking problems can be driven rather than attempting to control their own vehicles while intoxicated.

Faster commutes

People do not always drive their cars with the feelings of others in mind. As a result they make choices that can end up slowing the flow of traffic. Machines are not this selfish and once all the cars are communicating with each other they can make millions of choices that no individual driver would think of which together reduce the time spent on the road considerably.

Ability to be hacked and crashed remotely and anonymously

This is one of the less pleasant realities. If a car is controlled by a computer, that computer can be hacked remotely. Someone with malicious intent could conceivably place malware on a vehicle’s hard drive or take it over entirely to cause the deaths of all occupants.

Just about every innovation seems frightening at first but over time we have become accustomed to a great many things. The future of transport will be commonplace to us very soon.

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