List Of Powerful Essay Topics About Love To Parents

One of the most popular personal essay assignments students receive is that of writing about love for their parents. The reason this is such a popular assignment is because of the wide variety of responses instructors are likely to get, as no two experiences or understandings of this topic will be exactly alike. Here is a list of powerful essay ideas about love to parents to use in your own paper or as inspiration to develop your own idea:

  1. How does love for one’s parents change as we get older? For instance, would you define the love you had as a child to be the same as that you may experience now?
  2. What are the most important characteristics of love? Do children mistake need or dependence on a parent for a kind of love?
  3. When was the last time you expressed love in some way to your parents? Is this expression something you do often and what prompted this particular occurrence?
  4. Does love for one’s parents wane over time just as many forms of romantic love will lessen in intensity over the course of months or sometimes years?
  5. Looking back at your youth what do you think was the first or largest experience of love for your parents? Can you provide details leading up to this experience or reasons behind its significance?
  6. Do you believe that people today experience the same forms of love for their parents as people experienced a century ago? Think of how different the family unit is today than it was then.
  7. Do children with only one parent in the picture experience a more intense or less intense form of love towards the one parent? What other factors play into this experience?
  8. As cultures evolve throughout the world there is a greater tendency for children to seek independence from their parents earlier in life than what was the norm a 100 years ago. What does love have to do with this?
  9. In adopting a purely personal approach, what do you think your parent or parents most want to see from you in terms of love? Do you believe actions are louder than words?
  10. In thinking about your future self, what would you like to see in terms of love from your own children? What experiences from your past have influenced your expectations?

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