23 Good Example Essay Topics For College Students

Essay writing is fun as long as you have an interest in the subject you are addressing. Students from different backgrounds get to express their opinions about a certain issue or topic when they have an opportunity to write an essay. This is not similar for all students because some of them simply hate the idea of writing. However, even if you do not like to write, you would love to get a chance to share your views if the subject is of your interest. For example, you have always wanted to talk about child abuse and its impacts on the society as a whole but you never found the right chance. You can use this essay competition or assignment to discuss what you feel and the present the data you have gathered over the years in an organized manner. So you see, assignments are not always interesting but you have to make them work somehow. If you love what you are doing, you will no longer feel demotivated or less energetic to complete your task

The question however, is that how and where to find a good topic that will help you create a winning essay. For this you should identify your interest, find a niche and brainstorm for ideas to present your essay. If you are still having an issue in creating a good title for your essay, you should consider the suggestions below. These are some examples that can help you create an engaging title by triggering new and relevant ideas

Topics to consider for an essay in college

  1. How important is the internet connectivity in today’s age
  2. What does it mean to be an overnight success
  3. Smart work is the key to success
  4. Hard work is the key to success
  5. Cancer maybe a curable disease after all
  6. The perks of being a freelance writer
  7. Virtual startups
  8. Just in time for manufacturing industry
  9. Never lose hope
  10. The writings of Shakespeare
  11. Writing vs. painting
  12. Urban migration
  13. Refugees
  14. War and economics
  15. War and culture
  16. Value of life in the era today
  17. Blood revolution is it necessary
  18. Economic recession
  19. Unemployment rates after the world war
  20. Crime and poverty
  21. Domestic violence and finances
  22. Child abuse and its impacts
  23. The idea of profitable hobby farming

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