Doctor Faustus

Doctor Faustus is a tale written by Christopher Marlowe. The story involves a man who sold his soul to Lucifer for power, pleasure, knowledge and experience. The story is based on German Faust.

After many years studying law, medicine, theology and logic, Faustus became disgruntled with his studies and thus he decided to enter into necromancy practice. Faustus instructed his servant, Wagner to summon two German magic experts, Cornelius and Valdes. Faustus informed Cornelius and Valdes that he had decided to venture into necromancy and thus he required their assistance.

Doctor Faustus Venture into Necromancy

One day when Faustus was alone studying, he began to experience magical incantations, and abruptly Mephistophilis came into his sight, in ugly devil form. Faustus chased him away and told him to come in a friar form. It was this time when Faustus discovered that, it was not magic which brings forth Mephistophilis but devil appears automatically when one curses the trinity. Faustus informed Mephistophilis that he could give out his soul to Lucifer if he would be given twenty four years of supreme power.

While Faustus had grown into distress, a Bad Angel and a Good Angel came into his sight each trying to convince him to follow his offers. The appearance of Mephistophilis convinced Faustus to enter into blood contract with devil despite several omens that warned him of the contract.

However, the voice of the Good Angel persisted on urging Faustus to repent. On the other end, Lucifer and Mephistophilis paraded seven worst sins in front of Faustus in order to confuse him. Mephistophilis took Faustus with him to Rome and led him into private chambers of pope where the two began to play troubles on the pope in invisible form. Later on, the two went to court of Germany emperor, where they invoked up Alexander the Great. At this time, Faustus made one of the knights who doubted his powers to grow a pairs of horns.

Doctor Faustus Giving Out Soul to Lucifer

After performing several magic like producing fresh grapes during the dead winter, Faustus went back to his study, whereby he invoked the spirit of Helen of Troy. An aged man appeared to him and attempted to bring him to hope for salvation but Faustus could not. Faustus knew it was too late for him to hide from the wickedness and repent.

When the clock stroke eleven, Faustus realized that he had an hour left to give up his soul and immediately, when the clock stroke twelve, the devil appeared amid of lightning and thunder and Faustus was carried off to his everlasting damnation.

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