Academic Writing Solutions: Fifteen Good Essay Topics About Sports

Sports are a popular topic for academic papers. If you need to write an essay on this subject, you can easily find a lot of samples of other people’s projects and research dedicated to the importance and positive impact of sports.

Sports allow writing argumentative and narrative essays, comparing and contrasting different kinds or sports, and describing your own experience in reflection papers. It’s very easy to pick out a good topic and compose a winning project. If you need, you can search on the Internet and choose one of the topics that are suggested at online resources. If there are no precise demands set forth by your teacher, you can even invent a topic on your own, based on what you like about sports.

Below you can find several quite good topics for essays of different types.

  1. Sports in your life. What is more interesting: watching sports or doing sports?
  2. Did you ever dream of becoming a famous football player who has millions of dollars and participates in all global championships?
  3. Is it true that doing sports is one of the best cure for bad mood and apathy?
  4. The positive influence of sports on people’s health. Which kinds of sports are considered to be the most beneficial for health and why?
  5. What do you like better: football or basketball and why?
  6. Describe your first day as member of your sports team. What were your feelings and emotions when your team won a game for the first time and experienced the first failure?
  7. Should baseball become an Olympic game? Will many people be interested in this game?
  8. Describe the positive impact on health that swimming causes and its benefits for aging people.
  9. Is doing active sports a perfect and healthy way to lose weight and fight practically all types of obesity?
  10. Do you think that propaganda of doing sports and becoming slender is more useful and less dangerous for teens than propaganda of losing weight due to reduction or complete rejection of food?
  11. The meaning and importance of Olympic Games for the humanity.
  12. Which kinds of sports, to your mind, deserve more attention from the society and why?
  13. Do you think that today’s children should better do sports than spend time watching TV or playing video games?
  14. Do you think that sports are underestimated in the today’s society?
  15. If you were able to create an advertising campaign for sports, what would it be like?

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