Picking Interesting Essay Topics About Cell Phones: Tips And Examples

With the advancements in technology, more and more people are getting access to mobile phones and use them on a regular basis. Even people living in remote areas now have access and affordability to keep a mobile phone and use it. Different people have different arguments about it and state their opinions on the subject. Some of them believe that cell phones are a significant advancement which have made our lives easier while others feel that they are a waste of time. One thing is important to note here that no invention is bad but our application and usage makes it so. If you are to create a strong paper about cell phones then you need to start with a strong topic

The title of your paper is critical because it will decide the direction and foundation of your paper. It will help you gather relevant evidence and perform research so that you can stay directed and use your time properly. When you have a title for your assignment, it is easier to stay focused and perform research. To be able to choose a strong topic for your paper, you need to keep the following tips in your mind

  1. It should be interesting
  2. The most important thing you need to remember is that your title should be engaging. The readers will believe the same about the rest of your paper what they see from looking at your title. Make sure that you pick a unique and interesting topic that is less discussed or never discussed before. You can only build the curiosity of the readers for the rest of your assignment if you are able to hook them in your title

  3. Make it precise
  4. Make sure your title presents a clear picture of what you will discuss in the assignment and scope of your work. Avoid vague or redundant statements and create a purposeful and precise title for your paper

  5. Know the type and purpose of your paper
  6. The title of your paper will vary with the type of the assignment. For example, an argumentative paper on cell phones will have a title where you take a stance “Cell phones are not good for physical health”

  7. Address a problem
  8. Try to find a problem and give its solution through your paper this makes your paper valuable

  9. Know your target audience
  10. Understand the audience for your paper and write accordingly

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