A List Of The Best Essay Topics For Middle School

When writing an essay as a middle school student, there are numerous topics and titles you can choose. Exactly what it is that you choose to write about depends on various factors.

What kind of essay do you need to write?

One of the first things to consider is what kind of essay you will write. It may be that you have been instructed on the type of essay to write or, alternatively, you may have been given free rein as to what styles to choose. Common essay formats include argumentative, informative, and compare and contrast essays.

Is there a particular topic that you would like to write about?

It may be that you have a vague idea of what kind of topic or theme that you want to write about. If this is the case then you can brainstorm the topic further in order to come up with great titles to use. You may even wish to narrow down the topic further before trying to think of ideas; for example, you may wish to write about technology, and you could narrow this down to a topic about computers.

Getting extra ideas by looking a pre-written work that can be found online

A great way of finding extra inspiration for topics is to look for work that has previously been written and has since been published online. There are many websites offering free papers, as well as those which you have to pay for. Equally, many schools and universities will also publish sample papers students to look at.

Before you turn to the Internet to try and find further ideas, you may wish to take a look at the topics listed below to see if any appeal to you:

  • Is enough being done to protect endangered animals from going extinct?
  • Should children own mobile phones?
  • Should parents allow children to wear make-up?
  • Should teachers have to do exams to prove they can do the job?
  • Are fast-food companies responsible for the increasing rates of obesity?
  • Will soccer ever become as popular as other major American sports in the United States?
  • Why are high level jobs at major international companies so much more likely to be filled by male candidates?
  • Do elite sports stars justify the vast amount of money that they are paid?
  • Are textbooks an outdated way of learning, and should they be replaced with modern technological gadgets, such as laptops or tablets?
  • Should politicians be paid more?

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