A List Of The Best Essay Topic Suggestions About Beowulf

Essays of any type can be written on any subject. This assignment is writing an essay about the poem Beowulf. This is a very broad topic and you need to decide on a topic that is much more manageable and narrow so you can do a good job. It is often necessary to read the selection a couple of times and see what impressions you have about the selection. Sometimes something will “call out” to you and become of special interest. If this happens you should be excited and expand on that thought. Usually when this happens you can do well on the essay because you are passionate about the topic. Develop a topic sentence from researching what you were drawn to and create your essay from that. If you don’t have any idea what you may want to write, you can choose from the list below of the best essay topic suggestions about Beowulf:

  1. What role did women play in the poem Beowulf?
  2. What role or significance did gold play in the poem?
  3. What type of character traits does Beowulf have? Is there any large faults in his character?
  4. Does Beowulf become more of a hero as the poem progresses due to the three fights that he engages is?
  5. Was Beowulf’s over-confidence a flaw in his character or was it an asset?
  6. Compare and contrast today’s heroes with Beowulf.
  7. Does the Christian religion benefit the story in Beowulf?
  8. What role does revenge play in the poem Beowulf?
  9. In the poem Beowulf who gives and receives gifts and why?
  10. How did the “darkness” play an important part in the Beowulf atmosphere? How was it associated with evil and monsters?

Once you have an essay topic and a topic sentence you can follow your normal process to develop the essay. If you don’t have a process yet you should begin to develop one. You have the topic sentence which is the most important sentence in your essay. Now it would be a good idea to develop an outline so you can organize your material and make sure all of your ideas get included. Your outline should begin with your introduction which includes your topic sentence. Then your body should list all of the ideas you have to substantiate your topic sentence. Then you need a conclusion that ties all of your ideas together and summarizes your essay.

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