European History

There are many people and events that make the history of Europe. However, there are specific people who made the greatest contributions. In this essay, it is asserted that the Minoans, Mycenaean, Greeks, and the Romans contributed greatly in making the European history.

Europe was one of the blocks where the earliest form of civilization occurred. This can be attributed to the literate Minoans during the Bronze Age. The society occupied the Crete Island and benefited greatly from trade. Their unique art and architecture was discovered by various archeologists such as Arthur Evans in the 20th century. They had complex palace structures built for administrative, religious and trade functions. However, they were soon replaced by the Mycenaean civilization, whose advancement was based on conquest. They were influenced by Minoans in the construction of architecture and in trade. They mainly occupied Crete and Cycladic islands. The empire collapsed after the Dorian invasion, which marked the end of Bronze Age.

The Famous Ancient Greeks

The Mycenaean empire was replaced by Greece civilization, which influenced- and continues to influence, Europe to date. Their language, law, and ideas did not only influence Europe’s political and economic system, but it also made major contributions in the civilization of the western world. In the ancient Greece, the concept of democracy emerged due the collection of cities in the region. Citizens would be allowed to debate on important matters in the state. The most renowned philosophers such as Aristotle and Socrates had the chance to contribute in policy making. Alexander on the other hand ensured that the Hellenistic culture was spread through political campaigns. Such a culture advocated that each city should have a government and further pursue their unique economic and social goals. Athens became most powerful city in the process.

The Rise and fall of Roman Empire

In the 1st century, Roman became stronger than Greece and thus its cities were absorbed in the new empire. The wisdom was also passed in the administration of the roman institutions. The victory of the Romans came after many nations in Europe disagreed. The empire was based in Mediterranean and was the most efficient centralized government in Europe. Through conquest, a lot of Expansion was achieved. Even so, a series of war brought about the weakening of the empire and a split into western and eastern parts. It finally collapsed after attacks by the Northern Europe armies. Ultimately, despite the collapse of the Minoan, Mycenaean, Greece and the Roman Empire, the European history was made.

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