How To Come Up With Ideas For Five-Paragraph Essay Topics

Maybe you are a teacher charged with the exercise of coming up with topics for your class to write about, or you’re a student who just have run out of ideas on what topic to write about in an assignment. Whatever situation you are in, the key to coming up with ideas for five-paragraph essay topics is actually very easy. All you have to do is focus on any of the methods below and you will have the topics flowing your way in no time.


Your strongest suit in a situation such as this is your character and preferences. In such a situation, try to brainstorm through all the things that you love doing. You will surely find a topic from that.

Read a book

When you find yourself in a situation in which your mind seems to be clogged and not forthcoming with ideas, you can easily turn to read a book. Reading books is a sure way to unwind your ideas and through this way you can easily come up with topics from the knowledge you derive from the books.

Know your expectations

In the instance that you are a teacher, you can come up with an idea for a five-paragraph essay topic by trying to relate to what you expect your student to become. It’s easier, deriving topics from everyday class interaction with your student.

In case you are a student, you can easily derive a topic from what you’d like to communicate with your teacher or fellow classmates.

Current affairs

This is one of the biggest sources for ideas for five-paragraph essay topics. The world around you is loud and very talkative. You can easily derive topics to write about from what you see happening in the government, fashion and even trends in social media.

Alternative sources

In case you have tried all these ways and you still don’t have essay topic ideas, then you can most definitely switch to other alternative sources for the topics. You can consult the internet for topics that you might need. You can easily find topics from all available search engines. In case you have a specific line of ideas you need and seem not to find it, you can easily seek the services of a professional writer from writing service websites. Whatever method you use to find a topic for your essay, let the topic be edifying either to you or your student.

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