Global Warming Or Climate Change

There are claims that the two terms describe and refer to the same thing. In Fact, there have been suggestions to change global warming and call it climate change. Some have even replaced the name. However, in reality, these terms do not refer to the same thing. They have totally different meanings. Unfortunately, advocacy is ongoing to have the names meaning the same thing. For some, it is about the replacement of the term Global Warming with Climate Change. Though the cause of the two may be the same, they refer and imply to different things and scenarios. The phenomena represented by the terms differ in several ways. Global warming involves the long-term effects, impacts and implications resulting from the increase in the temperatures globally. For climate change, on the other hand, refers to the changes that are occurring in the climate globally due to the increase in the temperatures globally. The term addresses the changes and patterns in rain and precipitation as well as the increase in the incidence and the prevalence of drought. Besides, it also addresses the heat waves and any other extreme weather conditions as well as the changes. As in the definitions of the terms, they have causal relationships. However, even as this is the case, they remain totally different. For example, greenhouse effects cause global warming. Also, they cause an increase in the global temperature and are thus a cause for climate change. For this reason, the terms are mostly used interchangeably.

No need to change the Term

Those in the process of changing the names explain that the earth temperatures are no longer warming. Therefore, they suggest that global warming is not an issue anymore. Since climate changes are notable and are ongoing, the term should be used to refer to changes in the global climates and the effects. Another reason for the need for the name change as said by the perpetrators is that climate change compared to global warming sound a less scaring, and thus seems more controllable. However, the names should not change as they are representations of phenomena that are different.

The Need for Control Both Global Warming and Climate Change

Currently, advocating for the control of the two is high. The policy making processes should have the interventions started and have enough funds for it. Pollution control needs to be one of the interventions. Temperature control, reduced drought, and famine will be the impacts of the interventions.

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