Choosing Winning Informative Essay Topics For Middle School Students

Writing an informative essay doesn’t always have to boring and time wasting process, and generally speaking, it can be a very interesting and funny task. However, choosing a winning topic can be a hard assignment for the middle school students. The biggest problem is that you have so many topics that it is really difficult to decide. And moreover, sometimes it is difficult to narrow the topic, and to make it more specific and easier to write about. While choosing a topic, make sure that you are interested in it and there is enough of information for the brainstorming process. Your future readers will understand if the author wasn’t interested in the writing process. Another purpose of an informative essay is topic which is easy to explain, thus you will prevent your future readers from misunderstandings.

Check out the list of the winning informative essay topics for middle school students and choose the most suitable for you. You are also free to change the topic ideas if you feel inspired.

  1. The easiest way to intrigue people is to write about something you are really inspired by. It can be anything – your idol, hobby, food, film, music, absolutely anything, even your shoes, if you are truly passionate about them.
  2. People are usually interested in everything mysterious. Maybe you have been witness of something unusual? Describe your own mystical experience and you will definitely intrigue your readers. Was it an UFO, a real ghost or even a monster, doesn’t matter.
  3. What was your biggest fear in your childhood? Try to describe it as interesting as possible and in the end you may get a quite readable story.
  4. Describe your personal success or how you have perfected a certain skill. People love to read motivating stories and it can be pretty successful. It can be anything – from your sport achievements to stories about your weight loss. Simply try to make it worth reading and voila a winning informative essay is ready.
  5. You can even write a real prank essay – for example about the funniest names of the cities that you have visited, the weirdest and funniest thing you have ever made, the funniest joke etc. It can be a great time spending task.
  6. If you are an expert in something – write about it! Do you how the electricity works? Write about it. History is your passion – write about your favorite historical event.

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