Informative Essay Topics: 20 Fresh Ideas You Should Consider

The topic of your assignment is critical because it will decide the scope and direction of your assignment. You can choose something that you like to attract attention to and feel like an important issue because that way you will be motivated to write your assignment. Unlike other essay types, you do not have to convince a reader of your ideas or support your stance or collect evidence to prove your point. The purpose of an informative essay is to provide valuable and relevant information to the reader about a given topic. It does not have any promotional, argumentative, convincing or negation tone. You only have to give certain useful information about the topic to the reader so that it increases his knowledge and understanding of the subject.

One critical idea to keep in mind while writing an informative paper is to avoid any biased opinions or subjective stance. You do not have to take any side or prove anything to your readers. The paper should explain necessary information to the readers and must include relevant and authenticated data from valid sources. Avoid including any details if you are not sure about their source or authenticity.

Interesting topics you could use for writing an informative essay

  1. The life of Indus dolphin is endangered and these blind dolphins need more protection and attention from the global community
  2. Scientists have advanced a lot in genetic engineering and the latest inventions are simply breath taking
  3. The history of John F. Kennedy before and after becoming the president of United States of America is an impressive read
  4. Life spent in a village has numerous hidden benefits and amazing remedies that you can apply to practical life
  5. Improving the health and safety of minorities is a good step and it brings out the best in people
  6. The Mount Everest is the highest peak in the world known today even though there is a hot debate on newly discovered cliffs
  7. Volleyball
  8. An insight to the life of Albert Einstein
  9. The theory of relativity
  10. Theory of everything by Stephen hawking
  11. An essay on the Great depression
  12. Nash’s equilibrium
  13. Hover boarding
  14. Love for animals
  15. Love for nature
  16. Kangaroos and koalas
  17. The story of Steve jobs
  18. Introducing hybrid cars
  19. Homosexuality
  20. Bisexuality

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