Fifteen Interesting Questions For A Literary Exploratory Essay

A literary exploratory essay aims to analyse any ideas, and explain various things about them. As part of your essay you may wish to look at any literature concerning a particular topic or, alternatively, you may put forward some ideas for literature yourself.

How to structure your essay

With an exploratory essay, you will need to explain to the reader exactly what topic you wish to discuss. You will do this in the introduction, as is so common with most other academic papers. Other things you may wish to include in the introduction include any details as to why you are writing the work, as well as any other factors that you may examine during the course of your essay.

The next section will be the body section. This is where the main content will be introduced, and will include details about each different point that you wish to discuss. Ideally, you should start a new paragraph 4 every point that you wish to raise. In fact, you may wish to use topic sentences to help clarify when a new point is being discussed, as well as to help structure your work.

Finally, you will need to write the conclusion, which will essentially weigh up all of the different points that you have raised, and hope to further clarify the aims of your paper.

To give you some ideas about what you can write about for your exploratory essay, there are some topics listed below.

  1. Should everyone be organ donors once they die?
  2. Should health care be available for free?
  3. Do school exams benefit students?
  4. Are teachers properly trained to do their jobs to a high enough standard?
  5. Do Western countries give enough in foreign aid?
  6. How healthy is organic food in comparison to alternatives?
  7. Should couples spend longer dating before getting married?
  8. Should gay couples be allowed (or prevented) from adopting children?
  9. Is China overtaking the United States as the most powerful nation on earth?
  10. Should Western nations be doing more to intervene in the political regime that is running North Korea?
  11. Should the minimum driving age be changed?
  12. Should prison sentences be changed?
  13. Should schools offer incentives to help ensure students perform better?
  14. Should education be free?
  15. What methods should be introduced to try and prevent or minimise school shootings?

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