A Man For All Seasons

A man for all seasons refers to a person with an ultimate conscience. He is considered to be true to his beliefs and values with adoption to all circumstances. Even the external pressure and situation keeps the person unbothered. Seasons here imply the odds and evens of the livelihood under external and internal influence. Remaining firm over one’s ethical values, beliefs and standing against the odd situations posed by external influencers makes a person a man for all seasons.

A man for all seasons is a play written by Robert Bolt portraying the character of Sir Thomas More valued as a man for all seasons. The play depicts the conflict between the supreme power Emperor Charles VII and respected statesmen Thomas Moreover the remarriage of the Emperor. Thomas More, backing over his religious beliefs, stayed firm against the monarch and left the power. The man for all seasons was tested through his values and beliefs but, remained unhindered. He ultimately got beheaded for not surrendering to the power.

In today’s world, it is emphasising the fact to consider long terms goals with proper values and to avoid the short term gains forcing to deviate from the actual values. In business prospects, the sustainability depend on the long-term vision of the management team rather than focusing on short-term gains often influenced and imposed by the external factors.

The conscience provides one the ability to make the appropriate decision with providing adequate weights to the scenarios and constraints. One able to follow the mentioned trait may face difficulty in the short horizon, but, has the gain over a longer horizon. As one climbs the ladder of the success, he achieves power and becomes responsible for critical decision making. In influence of external and internal pressure, he tends to forfeit the trend of ethical values and conscience. This fact is being evident with scams and economic wars in the world.

From Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the man of all seasons is considered to be above selfactualization needs, having the ability to demarcate between wrong and right based on his attitude, values and beliefs. The man of all seasons is a theoretical concept, to be practiced by each to achieve long-term success, satisfaction and to make the world a better place to live.

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