Positives And Negatives On Stem Cell Research

The stem cells are considered as the vital building blocks for the most important 260 different cell types such as blood, skin, brain and heart etc. Though the research in this particular domain is controversial and is the topic of high debate for past many years. This is due to the pros and cons associated with the research conducted in this domain. The research in stem cell mainly concentrates on using the stem cells, commonly found in the embryos, for the treatment of diseases. Research shows that stem cells are highly capable of transforming/developing to some other types of cells such as liver cells, heart cells and kidney cells. Some of the cases, human bodies use the tissue stem cells in order to replace the damaged cells. The repairing mechanism of this sort is quite efficient and it normally occurs on daily basis in our bodies but is hardly noticed. But if the damage is much extensive then this repair mechanism may get fail. There can be numerous sources for the stem cells such as the embryonic stem cell, embryonic germ cell and adult stem cells.

Following are some of the positives on the stem cell research:

Medical Benefits

The medical benefits are the most important advantage provided by the stem cell research. The research is proved to improve condition of the numerous people suffering from the degenerative diseases.

Discovering Treatments

The research in this domain has actually paved the path for the effective mechanisms of treatment. This has also been effective in discovering the treatment of variety of diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease etc. Besides this, the limbs and organs can now be grown in laboratories from the stem cells which are then utilized for the transplant treatments.

Effects of Aging can be reversed

Due to this research, several treatments have been discovered for slowing down the aging process. Following are some of the negatives on the stem cell research:


Though this research have discovered new methods of treatments but still they are not considered as much effective solution for all types of diseases.

Ethical Issues

Stem cell research may pose some unpleasant and negative interference with nature and those issues are considered vital by some of the researchers.

Inheriting Diseases

It has also been observed that stem cell research can mainly be effective in the treatment of heart diseases while some research on this domain show that it may narrow the arteries.

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