Coming Up With Great Persuasive Essays Topics: 10 Ideas

A good topic is a vital element of a winning persuasive essay, so pick an idea that you care about, examine it from multiple viewpoints, and research the subject effectively in the time given. To get started, you may consider one of the great suggestions provided below.

Choosing a Persuasive Essay Topic to Impress Your Instructor

  1. Do people become lazy because of technologies?
  2. Technologies provide individuals with great opportunities, but many people in developed countries can no longer live without smart devices and the Internet.

  3. Should hotels charge for Wi-Fi?
  4. Today, most hotels in the U.S. offer free Wi-Fi, while European hotels still charge a small fee.

  5. Do social media create isolation?
  6. Although most people use social media to communicate with their friends, some people think that this results losing contact with real life.

  7. Should students be allowed not to complete homework?
  8. While some parents would like their children to study more, some educators insist that too much homework actually lowers student grades and causes stress.

  9. Does a relaxed dress code create a more casual and friendly workplace?
  10. While some individuals claim that such a dress code lowers productivity, others agree that it’s convenient and easier to follow.

  11. Should security cameras be placed ubiquitously?
  12. Security cameras are used to protect the general public and businesses, but some individuals argue that being under surveillance invades their privacy.

  13. Should elementary schools teach speed typing?
  14. Handwriting seems unnecessary these days, so why should students spend so much time learning and reading it? It’s better to learn to type instead.

  15. Is public transportation a wiser choice than a personal car for city residents?
  16. Driving can be exhausting, especially if you have to spend hours in traffic jams, so taking a bus looks like a great alternative.

  17. Should health insurance be cheaper?
  18. Medical expenses are hard to cover without a proper insurance, which should be affordable for everyone.

  19. Is professional sport too dangerous for athletes?
  20. Although the athletes know the risks, the rules should be changed to help them prevent injuries.

Avoiding Common Mistakes While Selecting a Topic

  • It’s difficult to persuade the readers if you aren’t knowledgeable about the subject.
  • You won’t be able to create an effective argument if you’re extremely passionate about the essay topic.
  • You should be able to research a chosen point effectively within the time provided.
  • It’s recommended to avoid over-done general prompts; rather, write about something that you can make a bit personal.

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