How To Write A Descriptive Essay About A Place: A Brief Tutorial

A descriptive essay is one where you must utilize all of the five senses in order to explain something to the readers. When you write a descriptive essay about a place your goal is to use all five senses in such a way that the reader feels like they are in that place and that they know everything about that place. You do not want them to just think that your hometown is a nice place. You want them to know what your hometown looks like, how the air feels, what it smells like, what sounds they will hear, and more. These are all important aspects to properly creating your descriptions.

  • When you're describing a place you want to use all five senses. The more senses you are able to describe, the more effective your paper will be. If you are struggling to describe a place one of the things you can do is ask yourself what you feel, what you see, what you hear, what you smell, and what you taste. You can create a small chart and fill in each of these ideas inside of that chart. If any area is not covered you know that you need to think about that particular area in greater detail before you start on your final paper.
  • When you describe this location it is best to avoid using any abstract language and to instead use concrete language. Abstract language is very similar to abstract art in the sense that it is not necessarily clear what the purpose is or what the intention or lesson might be. Instead it is very unclear and only a few people are able to discern it. This is not the goal of descriptive writing and as such you need to make sure you use concrete language. Concrete language gives the reader all the details they need to thoroughly understand every aspect to the location in question. This means that rather than say it is a beautiful place, where the term beautiful could mean many different things for many different readers, you should say that the place is covered in red, yellow, and white tulips in spring time giving it the distinct smell of blossoms and a very colorful landscape.
  • Ask your teacher to lend a hand if you are still struggling; they assigned the task so they are the best person to turn to.

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