Basic Instructions For Creating An Opinion Essay On Being Famous

Making an opinion essay is considered to be one of the easiest things you will ever do. These types of essay's are very simple, since they require no special aspects, just your main opinion on a certain topic. You should keep a few things in mind just in case, but you should take into consideration that this is not something to worry about, it’s not something that you can do a mistake on, other than a grammar or misspelling ones. Take a few things you should consider them before you start, like:

  • Imagine. Well first of all this is an opinion essay so you have to state your own opinion. I cannot tell you what to believe in, but I can tell you that you should take into consideration multiple aspects, and imagine what it's like to be famous. Yeah of course, you get the money, the attention, the women, everything you desire, everybody loves you etc. But think about the cons as well, you have no private life, everything you do is being judged by millions of people every day, one single mistake can end your career and you could turn from being beloved to being hated. Take all of this in to consideration, and more if you can think of any, and see what you would do. Would you trade a quiet life, where you can truly enjoy the most important things for such a life?
  • Write. Well this is something obvious, but you should write multiple versions of the essay. Think about some aspects, write them, and see if you really do like what you wrote. If not, try again, put them in different words, try to express yourself differently, maybe but more "big" words in there, whatever you want to make it more better and to make it more understandable for everyone, making sure you have gotten your opinion across.
  • Present both sides. Like I said above there are up's and down's to this life, so make sure you try to incorporate both in there. Present them in a way that will make everyone understand your final position, but also will make them understand that there are multiple aspects they should consider about this, not only "I would like it/hate it" I am sure some aspects you wouldn't mind but some would upset you, so balancing them would be a key thing here.

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