Writing A Strong Nursing Reflective Essay: A Manual For Dummies

Writing a reflective essay is not very difficult but you will need some help in order to make it perfect the first time around. When you are going to write about nursing the ordeal gets all the more difficult. Now when you write on a reflective topic you will have to write your own reflections or your own opinions. Here are a few tips to help you through.

A manual on reflective writing:

  • The first thing that you will have to decide on is the topic. Now nursing is a wide topic and does not make for a very interesting essay. You will have to select topics that are more interesting and build your paper on them. You can also read some of the prompts available across the internet. There are websites that have many sub topics related to nursing. You can select the most relevant ones to make an impressive paper or the one which you feel the most confident about.
  • After selecting the topic you will have to do research. Even when you are writing a reflective essay there has to be some facts. A paper cannot be created on language alone; you will need information that will make it more interesting. You can also get some of the case files from the local clinics or you can try some of the medical journals and magazines.
  • When you think about the structure the reflective essay will have a same one like any other kind of writing. You can follow the most common linear method of storytelling. I.e. start with an introduction then explain further with the body and finally conclude with an overview and conclusion. Anyone who has written a three paragraph essay can write in this structure.
  • Since you will be writing more about personal experience more than anything else, the language has to be very impersonal. It should be more like you are talking to yourself and pondering over one of your life experience. Since there is no other listener involved, your tone or style of writing will be very informal and personal in nature.
  • Once you have finished writing do edit the paper. A good paper on nursing is useless with spelling and grammatical errors. By editing you will be able to polish and hence get a better grade. It will also make the paper easier to read and more enjoyable.

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