The Most Widespread Types Of Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay can also be termed as a persuasive piece of work. Majority of the students tend to think that a persuasive essay appears in just one form. However, they come in different categories based on their purpose and the subject under consideration. Though they all discuss an argument, each piece of writing has its own approach in bringing forth information. They are grouped into:


Research papers rely on information gathered from external sources such as people's views. You need to ensure that you equally weigh both opposite sides in terms of the information collected. They are further categorized into:

  • Compare and contrast papers. They distinguish between two similar topics. Their similarities and differences are the ones taken into account.
  • Cause and effect paper. They argue out the occurrence of an activity which is as a result of varying factors.
  • Report. They give detailed information on a certain subject.


An analysis paper focuses, or in other words analyses, another opinion. It looks into facts and data presented for a motion. It entails presenting relevant evidence, being persuasive and clarity of information. You need to have a clear picture of the type of topic you choose to write under this category. Have a strong research methodology that will ensure you don't leave any room for doubt.


A persuasive paper tries to convince that one side of an opinion is much better than the other. The writer clearly outlines his views and lays down evidence that will support his opinion. You are also expected to give views of the opposing side. In as much as this is the case, you need to persuade your readers that your point of view is the best.


A personal opinion paper is based on one's views therefore; it does not require any research. Nevertheless, research should still be conducted in order for the main argument to be more compelling. As a writer you need to judge a case in relation to your own point of reasoning. You need to convince people to share a similar point of view to yours. Acknowledge opposing ideas and ensure credibility of your paper.

In conclusion, all should have a topic, thesis, well arranged paragraphs and a conclusion. References should also be stated down. Mostly they are done at the end once you are done writing the entire text. References show that you consider other people's opinions and acknowledge them.

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