Choosing Controversial Essay Topics On Current Affairs

To be a good business man you need more than just money; you need to be well informed, to know when to take the risk and when to settle down. Before you can start your career in this area, you have to finish your education and learn everything there is about current affairs. As for now, here are some controversial topics for your essay:

  • Government and taxes. Your parents and everyone working in your country are paying taxes every single month. How is the government using these taxes, is not always clear. Do you think that they should be more transparent regarding this issue?
  • Should the government hire private companies for different projects? For example, if there is a high way to be built, they will hire a private company to do it. The problem is that this leaves a lot of space for corruption, and projects are delayed for years.
  • International companies. In most of the countries you will find at least a giant international company leading the market in a certain niche. The government is applying different rules for these businesses, because they wish to attract investors in the country. What do you think about this?
  • Cigarettes and alcohol. In every country the government is making billions every year from taxes from companies that sell cigarettes and alcohol. However, this is destroying the life of millions every year and no one seems to care. What should the government do to increase the life span of the population? Should they give up all this money?
  • Selling weapons. In the last years this became a very popular business, and western countries are getting money from this. However, these weapons end up in the wrong hands almost every time and they are used for wars and murders.
  • Health insurance. If all citizens pay taxes, why not all of them have the right to get free medical care? It should be the government’s mission to ensure basic care for every person, no matter what salary this person has.
  • Free education. Do you think that in the next years the government will provide free education for every student?
  • This would change the economy entirely, but on the other hand it would ensure a good future for the children and for the country. What laws should be changed to achieve this?

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