10 Great Topic Ideas For A High School Persuasive Essay

Writing requires one to be up to date with new information. This means that you should always be in constant search for such information using all means available. In this age of information and technology, the internet has become platform of choice when it comes to reading and research. To a student in college, there is plenty to read on the web. For example, if you do not know how a persuasive essay should be written, the web has plenty of information resources to help you with this. Apart from giving you a variety of definitions, the internet also offers free download of persuasive articles so that you can have a better understanding of the same. It is not always about knowing how a persuasive article looks like that guarantees you good writing. This is why; in as much as you will always be looking forward to learning about meanings, extensive reading is highly recommended to broaden your knowledge and practice.

Well, writing is a fundamental part of learning, which means if as a student you have issues with article composition, getting good grades, will forever remain a nightmare. Persuasive articles are written for the purpose of convincing readers to believe an idea. This means that one should be very creative and employ the use of emotions, logic and ethics to get a message across. To a student who knows little about persuasive writing, a look at some topics would help a lot. Well, in this post, we take a look at great topic ideas for high school persuasive essay, so read on for more insights.

  • Being a man comes with many responsibilities than being a woman. Explain
  • A teacher is better than a doctor. Write an essay to persuade your readers
  • Global warming is caused by deforestation. Is this true?
  • Tobacco causes more deaths than alcohol. Explain in a few paragraphs
  • Students should not wear uniforms to school. Give your reasons
  • Rain seeding is future of rainfall. Write a persuasive literary piece to justify this statement.
  • Good sense of humor prolongs life. Write a persuasive essay based on this statement
  • A soldier without uniform is more effective to security than a soldier in uniform. Explain
  • Yoga is a more mind relaxing exercise than jogging
  • Too much sleep is dangerous. Write an article to justify this claim

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